Thursday, October 30, 2014

Bollywood Becoming Victim Of Deadly Dengue

After the news of Bollywoood actress Lisa Haydon, who shot to fame with the movie QUEEN and will be seen sizzling on screen with Akshay Kumar in the movie THE SHAUKEENS, been hit by the deadly dengue, reports have it that veteran Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor has been hospitalised for dengue and malaria at Lilavati Hospital at suburban Bandra in Mumbai. 

The doctors treating Rishi Kapoor, father of younger generation heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor, said, “Rishi Kapoor was admitted to the Lilavati Hospital on Wednesday after he was diagnosed with dengue and malaria. He 

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Reacting to the reports Neetu Singh, wife of Rishi Kapoor confirming the news said, “He was having fever for the past three days and complained of weakness. However on Monday evening his condition became quite sick and had to be rushed to Lilavati Hospital, where doctors diagnosed him for dengue and malaria.” She added, “There is nothing to panic. Chitu (Rishi Kapoor fondly addressed) is getting better.” 

It may be noted that Dengue is a viral infection, transmitted through the bite of an infected Aedes mosquito. High fever, headache, muscle and joint pain, rashes are some of the symptoms of the disease. 

Another Bollywood actor who was hit by dengue this year is Nikhil Dwivedi the actor who made his debut in 2008's with MY NAME IS ANTHONY GONSALVES. The actor has appeared in films including RAAVAN, SHOR IN THE CITY and HATE STORY. Dwivedi had fell ill while promoting for his film TAMANCHEY opposite Richa Chadda 

The film celebrity who became victim of dengue this year in September include distinguished Bengali actor- filmmaker Aparna Sen and mother Bollywood actress Konkona Sen. She was tested positive for dengue and treated at the Fortis Hospital in Kolkata. 

Last year vector borne infection also struck Ranveer Singh and so the music launch of his film ‘RAM LEELA’ had to take a back seat. Besides actor Imran Khan’s wife Avantika Malik, was also struck by dengue.

Dengue is a dangerous disease and it was this dreaded disease that took away the life of eminent filmmaker Yash Chopra, a void that can never be filled.

Madhuri Dixit Gives Momentum To Short Films On Women Safety

The latest crusade by Bollywoood filmmakers to highlight Women Safety Issues through short films depicting various women sensitive issues like rape, eve teasing, sexual harassment, domestic violence etc have got a new momentum with Bollywood Diva Madhuri Dixit joining the bandwagon.

In her short film titled START WITH THE BOYS, Madhuri Dixit tackles the sensitive issue of domestic violence meted on women. The movie directed by Vinil Mathew, who made the movie HASEE TOH PHASEE brings home the ugly truth how Indian boys since infancy are taught at every stage of their life that ‘Boys don't cry’ and inculcated the practice of physical abuse and mental harassment to their female partner. 

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The movie depicts how an innocent woman is tortured by a man, either her husband or partner and in the backdrop is shown Madhuri Dixit giving the important massage "From the beginning, we teach boys not to cry. Perhaps it time we taught them not to make others cry!". 

Madhuri Dixit, who has given earlier power-packed performances in films like LAJJA and MRITYUDAND and is even today playing such women centric roles like the crusading activist in her upcoming film GULAAB GANG believes in the feminism that stems from within. She says, “I do believe women should have their own voice, they should be independent, and they should stand on their own. I do believe in feminism.” 

It may be noted that short film depicting social message has become a trend. Eminent Bollywood Anurag Kashyap, who made the brilliant short film THAT DAY AFTER EVERY DAY, depicting how women are made to keep tight-lipped after being raped or molested believes that Bollywood stars in short films giving out social messages receives instant attention and helps in a big way to reach out the message instantly. 

The other short films that have taken the nation by storm include Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt’s, GOING HOME, Kalki Koechlin's RAPE: IT'S YOUR FAULT and East India Comedy's I AM NOT A WOMAN.