Sway like a 'Selai'

The 'Saree' being our traditional attire, it is been used in most of the songs. The attire by itself is opted for the grace that it brings out.IT is believed that it brings out the feminine quality in any women. Time for a quick musing about songs that have the word 'Selai' in it. You are in for a beautiful listen.

Don't we all love the 'Folk' genre? One such song that we all love to tap our foot to is 'Nee kattum selai' from the movie Puthiya mannargal. Ofcourse the music was lent by none other than our very own A.R.Rahman. The beats combined with the lyrics definitely brings out the 'tradionality' anyone would ask for. Similarly 'Chalakku chalakku jarigai selai' from the movie Soorya vamsam is also one catchy song that we can think of. 'Selai ila vidu kattava' starring everyoung Ajith with Simran from Aval varuvala was definitely the talk of the town during the era it released.

Sarees are always associated with the place they come from too and ofcourse Kanjivaram Sarees are the most talked about. 'Kanji Pattu selai' is a classic example to prove this from the movie  Retta jada vayasu which released in the year 1997. Who can forget 'Singapore selai' then? A beautiful number from the movie Kalki, this song created ripples for the variety of saree worn in the video too.

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Use of the word 'Selai' has been witnessed in old songs too and ofcourse 'Neela selai kattikonda' from the movie Thiruvilayadal stands testimony to it. Other striking songs with the use of the word 'Selai' are  'Karuppukarai selai' from the movie  Porkodi and 'China ponnu selai' from Mambatiyaan 

Even last year, 'Aaatha un selai'  from Kutti puli became a hit. No matter what, ofcourse the grace of a 'Selai' can never fade away.