Tuesday, June 16, 2015

How ‘Naxalite tag’ helped Mithun Chakraborty meet filmmaker K.A.Abbas

I am a Disco Dancer…. 

Gouranga Chakraborty, popularly known as Mithun Chakraborty is even today identified with the song and for years he did many films with dance and action. Today Mithun Da as he is respectfully addressed turns 65. 

Raaga.Com wishes him birthday wishes and enlightens readers how Mithun Chakraborty tried to run away from the Naxalite tag and how it brought him closer to the legendary filmmaker K.A.Abbas, the man who wrote brilliant scripts like AWARA, SHREE 420 and BOBBY for Raj Kapoor and gave break to star of millennium Amitabh Bachchan in his film SAAT HINDUSTANI.

Before joining cinema Mithun Chakraborty was associated with Charu Mazumdar, the fiery leader of the Naxalites, in Kolkatta. However a death in the family compelled Mithun to quit Naxal movement and move to Pune where he joined FTII and later came to Mumbai to become an actor. 

However Mithun claims, “Despite detaching from the Naxal Movement, the label of being a Naxalite moved with me wherever I went, whether it was the FTII in Pune or when I came to Bombay in the late seventies.”

“I felt restless at times but could do anything but control my anger. Hence one day when a filmmaker approached me to do a film titled THE NAXALITES, I resisted to meet him but later when I came to know that celebrated filmmaker K.A.Abbas is making the film and he had approached me, I immediately met him,” informs Mithun. 

He adds, “Working with the legendary Abbas Sahab was a pleasure because when I was being branded as a disco dance and action hero, he recognized my hidden talent and cast me opposite the great actress Smita Patil.” 

Speaking about Abbas Sahab as a filmmaker Mithun says, “He was a simple man with high values of life. He was a very hard task master and tried his best to get the best of the actors working with him. Under in him I learned the nuance of histrionics that later helped to develop as a competent actor.”

‘Bindaas’ Kangana Ranaut displays her middle figure in the film KATTI BATTI!

It seems Kangana Ranaut is set to hit a hat trick at the box office with her next release KATTI BATTI the trailer of which was recently released for the media in Mumbai. 

After the mega success of QUEEN and TANU WEDS MANU RETURNS, media person who saw the trailer claim that Kangana Ranaut, in all probability, will once again steal the hearts of film buffs with her daringly bold and ‘Bindaas’ character. 

Media person claim the movie will surely create a hullabaloo at the box-office thanks to the outgoing and stupendous extrovert character of Kangana Ranaut and uncanny dialogues!

Readers would be astonished to know that in film Kangana Ranaut not only imitates the famous Michael Jackson’s pelvic thrusts movement but in a scene she is even portrayed displaying her middle figure, an act never ever portrayed by a female artist in the annals of Indian cinema!! 

What’s more she also has an intimate bedroom scene with Imran Khan and last but not the least the film has some really wacky dialogues. 

In the film there is a scene where Kangana Ranaut scolds Imran Khan for not urinating into the pot properly. 

Lambasting Imran Khan, for not urinating properly in the pot, she screams, “Kitna Mushkil Hai Pot Mai Straight Susu Karna. Just hold the little Soldier and Aim. Yeh Koi Champagne Ki Bottle Hai Jisko Har Jagah Pakadkar Giraaogey Aur Ghumaogey! 

(How difficult is it to urinate straight in a pot. Just hold the little solider and aim. Is it a bottle of Champagne which you will hold and move around spilling everywhere!)