Vegetable Names in Songs

Like how vegetables have been important in our everyday meal, vegetables have also played an important role in the lyrics of songs. Thinking this is weird? See for yourself!! We are sure you must have heard the song 'Velarikka pinju' which was super famous from the movie Kadhal Kottai. Deva and Krishnaraj have done a wonderful job with their singing.

Talking about vegetables, we all love our 'gundu kathhirika'. Guessed the song? Yes 'Kathhirika Kathhirika gundu kathhirika' from Duet composed by A.R.Rahman and sung by S.P.Balasubramanyam and Minmini is a good example. The racy rhythm, the settings, the lyrics - everything is amazing about this song.

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'Paal papaali vela thakali' must be given its due credence for the smart word play! Rahul Nambiar and Mahathi have ofcourse done a good job with the singing. This track is from the movie Sathyam starring Vishal and Nayantara. Another masterpiece we could say in terms of beautiful lyrics covering almost all the vegetables one could think of is 'Molachumoonu elaiyum vidala' from the movie Velayudham. This set of lyrics which appears in the song - veralu vendakka un kaadhu avarakkamooku molaga, mookuthi kaduga, kanindha kaai thottam neethana we think is beautiful. Who would have thought the emotion of romance can be brought out by vegetables? This is where we appreciate the effort of Annamalai , the lyricist of this song. Another wonderful song composed by Ilayaraja, sung by S.P.Balasubramanyam and Chithra strikes our head - 'Ena samaialo' from the movie Unnal mudiyum thambi. If you pay keen attention to the lyrics of the song, you will notice even the mention of ingredients like - 'Garam masala'! Ofcourse the use of vegetables and ingredients in the lyrics makes this song different on its own.

'Vaadi en kapakazhange' is a wonderful listen and infact a very catchy song.

A meal without 'molaga' is not complete. Ofourse 'Pacha Molaga' from Mr.Bharath is a good choice. Wasn't this refreshing? Tune in and listen to our vegetables.