Travel Time - Places in Songs

Each place has its own specialty and sometimes the place becomes distinctive for this specialty that people associate this distinctive feature with the place. Have you noticed this? Here in we give you an exclusive song list that will make you remember the best things of Tamil Nadu. Keep reading.Kumbakonam has been famous in not only sending out its coffee flavours but also one more item associated with food. Thinking hard? Well it is the 'Kumbakonam vetthalai'. And ofcourse the song which we cannot ignore is 'Kumbakonathu vetthalaiya madidaa' from the movie 'Boss engira Baskaran'.

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Doesn't adding the Jasmine to a girl's hair bring out a significant feminine glamour to any girl? The fragrance of the Jasmine makes each one of us fall in love with the girl we already admire. In Tamilnadu, 'Madurai Malli' is the most famous one. Keeping the Madurai Malli and the girl in mind, we could think of 'Madurai ikku pogathedi mallipoo kannu vekkum' from the movie Azhagiya Tamizh magan starring Vijay.When Mallipoo is in hand, don't we all want a tasty halwa too? And what more do we want when our Tamil Nadu has the famous Tirunelvi Halwa? 'Tirunelveli Halwa da' from Saamy is a distinctive soundtrack.

Coming to the braveness that any Tamizhan would portray, that can be best signified with 'Thiruppachi Aruvaalu'. Rings a bell? "thirupaachi aruvaale theethikitu vaada vaada' from TajMahal is an apt song to describe the brave front any Tamizhan should have.

On a conclusive sweet note, mambazham's make us happy always especially our Salem mambazhams. Are you thinking of the same song that we are thinking? 'Mambazhamaa maambazham, malgova maambazham, salethu maambazham neethanadi' from Pokkiri is a good listen, comparing the sweetness of the fruit with his lady love.

Thus the specialty of each part of the TamilNadu is distinct in many ways, including songs.