Ninaivellam 'Nila'

The word 'Nila' by itself stands testimony to describe something very beautiful. Usually in the Tamil film songs, we have seen the word used aptly to describe a women, one can even say these songs have made the word a synonym with the woman most of the times. gives you an exclusive list of such songs where the word 'Nila' has been given importance.
Does any song remind you of a small girl singing anything in relation to Nila? If you thought of Nila Kaigirathu then you hit a bingo! From the movie Indra and composed by A.R.Rahman, this song is loved by all even today for its feel good approach.
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Talking about 'Nila' always sets in a scope for 'Romance'. How can one miss 'Kalyana then nila' then? This beautiful composition starring Amala and Mammooty from the movie Mounam Sammandham is a perfect duet to sing for someone on a romantic date too.
Some of Illaiyaraja's best tracks have used the word Nila in its compositions. Some examples would include 'Vaa vennila unnai thane' from Mella Thiranthathu Kadhavu (along with M.S.Vishwanathan).'Ilaya nila' echoing in S.P.B's voice which appeared in the movie Pazhanangal mudivadhillai, 'Vaa nila nila' from Pattina Pravesham, 'Nilave Va' from the movie Mouna Ragam are classic masterpieces of Raja Sir.
Be it the emotion of sadness, still the word fits in perfectly to suit the mood. 'Vannam konda vennilav' sung in a very subtle, high emotion triggering manner. The word by itself carries many emotions and while putting it to use in a song, it sure does its magic. Tune in and listen to some of the immortal 'moon' songs.


  1. Unfortunately reading after 7 years..

    Pattina Pravesam -- Vaan Nila Nila stands for MSV and please note that it is not compoed by Ilayaraja.


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