Musically Bonded

With Kamal's acting and Illayaraja's background score, there is ofcourse magic spun in the movie. With the kind of challenge that each of them take on, there is more competitive spirit building up throughout. Time to rewind and tae a look at the best numbers of the deadly combination - Ulaganayagan with the Isai Gnani.

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Well ofcourse, the first song that strikes us would be 'Kanmani Anbodu'. Isn't this a master piece from the movie Guna? The emotions, the lyrics, the tune - the composition overall stands as an attribute for the movie itself, even today. The movie Mahanthi ofcourse is another beautiful composition all together, supported by classic lyrics by vaali. 'Sriranga ranga' from the movie took the singer Shobhana to great heights as well.

Talking about Kamal -Illayaraja association and everybody would recollect the movie 'Japanil kalyanaraman'. The song  'Appapo Ammamoi' was definitely a hit number. This great combination spun their magic in the movie Virumandi. 'Unna vida' was a wonderful, romantic number that caught everyone's attention. In the same movie, the racy 'Viru viru mandi virumandi' matched perfectly well with the visuals as well.

But the all time classic hit delivered by them is ofcourse 'Aboorva Sagotharargal'. Who can forget 'Raja kaiyavecha' . Considereed as the best song for the youth to display the naughtiness, this song is hummable for the Indian audience even now. Well does anyone remember 'Inji idupazhi'? ofcourse these are the two people associated with this song. Wasn't that sheer brilliance as well?

Yet again, the combination have worked wonders always and will definitely continue to do so.Cheers to the best actor and the best music director of the Tamil Cinema.