Margazhi Happiness

It is the month of Margazhi and what comes to our mind is Andal's Thiruppavai which holds special significance when sung during this month. Belonging to the genre of 'Pavai', Thiruppavai sung during this month hold importance even for unmarried girls.

Usually in a Thiruppavai, the structure revolves around one main theme, with a precise introduction followed by the need of fulfillment for the same. It is also believed that one can wash out sins by singing Thiruppavai every day. Even in temples, the Thiruppavai is sung early in the morning. Moreover, it is during this time of the year, in the Margazhi month t when the holy star Mrigashirsha combines with Poornima thithi.

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'Maargazhi Thingal' is the first one amongst the collection. Usually these hymns portray Lord Krishna/Narayana as the Hero. Incidentally this paasuram was also used in the movie 'Sangamam' by A.R.Rahman as a prelude to the song 'Margazhi Thingal Alava'. 'Ongi Ulagalandha', the third paasuram is also a very famous one and is widely known due to its easily hummable tone.

The month is specific has 'Ekadasi' falling in the time frame which makes it auspicious. Overall, Andal's Thirupavai creates an imagery of the Lord himself. A work that depicts utmost devotion to her hero , Lord Vishnu in his various forms. As we step into the significant month of Margazhi, let us wish all good times for all the people around us.Listen to our exclusive collection of Thiruppavai here.