Best of Malaysia Vasudevan and S.Janaki

Think of these two stalwarts and of course the first song that you can think of is 'Kovil mani osai' from the movie Kizhake pogum rail. 'Aagaya Gangai' from the movie Dharmayudham starring Rajini and Sridevi was one of the best romantic duets during the late 1970's.'Nilakayuthu', one of the most sensuous songs of all times is a mega hit by this duet. 'Vaan megangale' from the movie Puthiya Vaarpugal can be classified under their hits too.

The man has sung more than 8000 songs in his three decades of active career. It is amazing to note that most of it are for Ilaiyaraaja and ofcourse each song on its own is a wonder with Ilayaraja's magic spinning along. Janaki on the other hand is the only singer who can adopt a voice of a 5 yr old and can also immediately switch her voice to that of a 80 yr old. Such is the amazing nature of both the singers who have definitely taken kollywood to a whole new level.

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Sometimes one can wonder how these two singers have contributed so much to the Kollywood industry in the era where the fresh talents are also not able to cope with. It is also amazing to note that the standard set by these two in terms of duets and also solos have been irreplaceable by other singers. They were in demand for the chemistry that came out through their voices. It is also believed that these great singers could even record up to three songs a day and would never get tired. It is also widely spoken about that these gifted stalwarts would not take more than a day to finish one complete song which infact is amazing considering there was no technology available even to manipulate voice tones.

Other notable songs of the two would include 'Kaathal Vaibogame' , 'Poonguyile' , 'Anbe chinthamani' , 'Paathikalil' etc.