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After a Thala Diwali, comes the Thala Pongal for all the eager fans and here's a sneak peek into the movie, through its songs. Devi Sri Prasad is back with his trademark energy with a fresh set of five songs, to put you on your feet and get them tapping. Director Siva has almost wrapped up the whole of 'Veeram' shooting, and as they progress into post-production, we present you with an analysis of the musical magic that DSP has worked on Ajith's upcoming release.

1. Nallavannu Solvaanga Listen here

Voices: Devi Sri Prasad

Lyrics: Vivega

Those who watched 'Veeram' teaser can instantly recognize this song. Although 'Veeram' is story based on the rural country side, the opening song of the film's album is hip and urbane in every beat. With the signature music in the background, you can almost imagine a suave Ajith walking in style. This track sounds best in thumping speakers, as the underlying beats, guitar, trumpet and backing keys are high on bass. It is not until after half the song is over that the country feeling peeps in with a shift to rural beats. 'Nallavannu Solvaanga' is a happy-go-lucky introduction song with a picture perfect pose. The song ends with the famed one-liner of 'Veeram'; but it is not the only one to cling on to, for the song is full of lines with an attitude which do not fail to bring a smile.

2. Ival Dhaana Listen here

Voices: Sagar, Shreya Ghoshal

Lyrics: Vivega

Amid the popular trend that romantic duets must either be melodious or racy, or both, this one here is a trend setter, as it is neither, yet enjoyable in its very own rural touch. Starting and ending with a sweet chorus, the song uses captivating Tabla, and is set in Qawwali style, interspersed with a mix of urban and rural music. While the background music grabs our attention instantly, the voices in the fore are quite in sharp contrast - the background being heavy and zealous, while the voices are lilting, soft and soulful. In all, 'Ival Dhaana' is a beautiful track full of charming lyrics that don't miss a beat, beats that are in perfect sync with rhythm, rhythm that is enchanting, and enchanting voices that make the song a beautiful experience.

3. Thangame Thangame Listen here

Voices: Adnan Sami, Priyadarshini

Lyrics: Vivega

This one here is yet another romantic duet - a peppy number with earthen flavour. 'Thangame Thangame' is a comeback song for Adnan Sami, who has not been active in Tamil circuit for a while now, and it is a pleasure listening to him sing in his trademark stylish voice. Apart from string backing, this track also uses flute in places. Throughout the first half of the song and its concluding portions, echo has been added to Priyadarshini's voice to create depth. A set of four lines are repetitive through the song, and it is with these four lines that the song winds up to shrill flute and the thumps coming to a sudden halt.

4. Jing Chakaan Jing Chakaan Listen here

Voices: Pushpavanam Kuppusamy, Magizhini Manimaaran

Lyrics: Vivega

Just like the previous track, this song also begins with a folk recital, before passing on to compelling beats and whistles. Coming across as a duet where the man and woman pull each other's leg in a friendly yet taunting manner in the beginning, the song transforms into the man cajoling the woman in the second stanza. After all the lighthearted conversation-like flow, the song wraps up on a happy ending with whistles and keys backed by beats. While Pushpavanam Kuppusamy entertains with his trademark standalone voice, Magizhini's is a refreshing and soulful voice, one to look out for. In all, 'Jing Chakaan' is a haapy-go-lucky folk recital of romantic duet.

5. Veeram Listen here

Voices: Anand, Koushik, Deepak, Jagadish

Lyrics: Vivega

This is one track which we have been hooked to from the time of 'Veeram's' first look teaser. Throughout a chorus recital of courage, bravery and dare, 'Veeram' theme music is in sharp contrast to the lighthearted mood that the previous songs have set. Further, the contrast also comes in the purity in the richness of Tamil in lyrics. Electric guitar and rolling drum beats, with quality lyrics, this 3-minute long chorus is an enlivening and rejuvenating track that instills valor, and is the mantra of heroism.

Two tracks completely folk, two with an urban tryst, and a song full of daring courage sum up to an album full of josh and vigour, with the strong subtlety of soulfulness. With choice lyrics and lively beats in all songs, 'Veeram' album makes for great listening experience. Although there is no melody perse, the absence of one is not felt hard and deep, among all the foot tapping numbers. 'Veeram' is out in stores now - grab your copy, turn the volume high, get up and dance!

Rating: 2.5/5

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