Can Sridevi Repeat Rajnikant’s Act?

No sooner the legal battle on ‘personality right’ of Rajnikant against the filmmaker of ‘MAIN HOON RAJINIKANTH' has ended, a new brawl among actress Sridevi and Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) has taken center stage with Sridevi, alleging the filmmaker for using her name in his upcoming film SRIDEVI. 

Sridevi in her legal notice to RGV has raised eyebrows and alleged that filmmaker RGV has intentionally used her name to garner cheap publicity by deceiving audience into believing the movie has connection with Sridevi.

However in stark contrast, RGV has declined Sridevi’s allegations. In his reply to Sridevi’s legal notice RGV said, “The film was earlier titled ‘SAAVITRI’ but we had to change the title after there was some misunderstanding between the producers and the holder of the title by a previous party. When the previous title holder refused to give the title we changed it to ‘SRIDEVI’.

It may be noted besides the title controversy the movie is also in news for its bold theme that focuses on a teenager’s crush on his school teacher. Since the movie’s posters appear to obscene, sleazy and vulgar, Sridevi expressed her reservations. 

The case in court but RGV is adamant sticking to the title. He argues. “The title has been given to us by the Andhra Pradesh Film Chamber which is the authorised body for such deeds. Moreover films with this same title SRIDEVI have been made and released at least 3 times in the last two decades.

While Thalaiva Rajinikanth was able to win his case and compel the filmmakers of MAIN HOON RAJINIKANTH to change the title to MAIN HOON RAJNI, one wonders will Sridevi will be able to thump down RGV