Don’t we all love it when our mom sings wonderful songs for us? Haven’t we all just fallen asleep listening to our mother and father singing for us? Especially for babies, we have all seen it how much every kid loves the warmth that the mother gives them and make them fall asleep. 

One classic example is ‘Dhooliyile’ from the movie Chinna Thambi which has prabhu and Kushboo in the lead. This song is a perfect lullaby that any mother would love to sing for her child. Another touching, soul rending song is ‘Karuppu nila’ from the movie ‘en aasai machan’ where we see a crying baby being soothed by singing the beautiful song.

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A touching number in the recent era was ‘Aarariraaro’ from the movie Raam. Here although the lyrics goes “…thaye nee kan urangu” …a different adoption in the thalattu genre where we are seeing the child singing a thalattu for the mother. A hit amongst the audience ofcourse, we all were definitely able to relate to this song. 

The song ‘Chinna thaayaval’ from the movie thalapathy was the talk of the town when the movie released. A very touchy song sung by S.Janaki, the song is ofcourse an evergreen lullaby in Illayaraja’s music.

Another beautiful lullaby is ‘Andhi nera thendral kaathu’ from the movie Inaindha kaigal that released in the year 1990. The lyrics holds more importance in this song than anything else and makes everyone of us fall in the trap of emotions.

Mannava mannavawalter vetrivel ofcourse is a good bed time listen too, thanks to the soothing tune and the well-penned lyrics. This song did become a hit during its era of release.