‘Azhagu’ is one of the most precious words used in Tamil. We usually call someone beautiful when their features appeal to us or even if their character is very pleasant and touch our heart. ‘Azhagu’ is one word that describes the feeling of ‘beauty’ in altogether a superlative manner. Usually what we see is that the man addressing his lady love as ‘azhagu’ – an epitome for beauty. Today we take a look at songs that begin with the word ‘azhagu’ and we understand the various connotations it gives us.

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A wonderful song is ‘Azhage azhagu devadhai’ from Rajapaarvai. The lyrics speak for itself where the lady is described in a wonderful manner comparing her to an angel. With Kannadasan having penned down the lyrics and K.J.Yesdass having sung the song, we could not have asked for a better melody. Recently ‘Azhago azhagu’ was seen in the movie Sarvam for which Naresh Iyer has lent his voice. The song describes yet again the lady, and especially in this song the man describes each and every feature of hers – her eyes, the way she talks etc.

Talking about description of women and their azhagu a wonderful example is ‘Azhagaana ponnuthan’ from the movie Alibabavum Naapadhu Thirudargalum. Here the exceptional part is that the girl is seen as the lead singing the song and there is scope for self-description. The song ‘Azhagaana rakshasiye’ from the movie Mudhalvan is another brilliant number, a wonderful duet where there a lot of teasing involved, the man comparing the lady to a devil but infact calling her a ‘Beautiful’ devil! ‘Azhagiya Asura’ sung by Anita is a beautiful number where for once we see the girl addressing the male in a romantic manner, and just like seen before, here she calls him a devil too, ofcourse in a romantic manner.