Captivating 'Charukesi'

Although a pure classical Raagam, one can associate many Tamil film songs with it. A popular one, that has reached many music lovers ears, knowingly or unknowingly, the Raagam Charukesi with no doubt is usually picked by most of the music directors to depict inexplicable emotions.

'Manmadha Leelaiyai' from the film Haridas sung by M.K.Thyagaraja Bhagavathar tops 'ever-favourite' chart until today. Another listener's delight in Charukesi would be 'Adal Kaaneero' , a G.Ramanathan's composition for the movie Madurai Veeran. 'Vasantha mullai poley vandhu' from the movie Sarangadhara is also an excellent example for a Charukesi compostion. Infact a part of the song titled in the same name (Vasantha mullai) in the recent movie Pokkiri also saw traces of the Raagam.

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All those who watched the movie Sri Raghavendra would have definitely loved the piece by K.J.Yesudas - 'Adal Kalaiye Deivam thandathu', a beautiful structured Charukesi composed by Illayaraja that stole the hearts of many. Other Illayaraja compositions in the Raagam Charukesi include 'Amma Nee' from Annai Orr Aalayam, 'Thoothusela' from Singaravelan. The Raagam although due to its placement of the Arohana and Avarohana is always associated as the best Raagam to bring out emotions like grief or sorrow. One song that best depict this emotion, making full use of the Raga's notes would be 'Kaadhalin Deepam Ondru' from the movie Thambikku Endha Ooru.

Coming to the A.R.Rahman era, 'Udhaya Udhaya' from the movie Udhaya sung by Hariharan and Sadhna Sargam fits perfectly well to the swara structure of the Raagam. "Chinathayaval" from Thalapathy falls into the Charukesi structure as well, not to forget the scintillating, swaying tone the use of the Raagam brought out. The movie Ennaku 20 Unnaku 18 also saw usage of the raga in the song "Edho Edho Ondru", bringing out an absolute mesmerizing song pleasant to the listener's ears.
Thus the Raagam Charukesi has provided immense scope for various music directors to give out hits of all time.