Striking a Note!

This director came onto the limelight being one of the judges of the famous 'Star Singer' on the Malayalam Channel. He bagged his first Filmfare Award in 2008. He is always known to have added the 'freshness' in music; and one can undenyingly agree that his compositions always have something 'new' and 'unique' to offer.

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People have always called him 'rare gem' in the music industry. Shareth's style of music involves breaking the boundaries, the typical 'structure' of music , thus reflecting classical purity to the utmost extreme. Shareth has also marveled his audience for his 'grihabedam' style of composition which is considered to be one of the most difficult attribute while it comes to 'setting a tone' and 'tune' of a song.

His debut film in Tamil was 'June R' and one particular song reached the audience and definitely made a ravishing mass appeal. Ofcourse if you thought of the song 'Mazhaye Mazhaye' sung by ace singer Hariharan, you hit the right note. Not only were the lyrics appealing yet the track by itself was appreciated for the excellent background score. His other recent contribution in the Tamil industry is the movie 'Nootri enbadhu' starring Siddharth.

Didn't we all love the beautiful 'Nee Korinal' echoing in Karthik's voice?

Moving ahead, it is essential to understand that Shareth has been a major contributor in the Malayalam Film Industry. He made his debut with the movie 'Kshanakathu' way back in the early 90's. Him being accepted in the Malayalam industry has been amazing and now Shareth hasmany movies in his kitty. His recent venture in the Malayalam movie industry was a solo track for ht emovie 'The Reporter'.

Shareth has also released many albums on his own and has always struck an extra chord in terms of his innovative compositions. Listen to the exclusive track composed by Music Director Shareth only on