Sex Goddess Mallika Sherawat to play God-woman Radhe Maa on Screen?

Bollywood is known for making movies on sensational national headlines - remember Anurag Kashyap’s BLACK FRIDAY inspired by Mumbai’s 1993 serial bomb blast, NO ONE KILLED JESSICA based on Jessica Lal murder case that made headlines in 2006 or Ram Gopal Verma’s ATTACKS OF 26/11 based on terror attacks on Mumbai.

Recently with controversial god-woman, Radhe Maa grabbing national attention thanks to her revealing red hot sexy outfits and alleged obscene charges, a small time Bollywood producer has seized the golden opportunity and is trying to garner little publicity.

The producer in question is Ranjeet Sharma, who has till date made just one B-grade flop film MUMBAI CAN DANCE SAALA (2015). However Sharma is basking limelight soon after he announced a biopic on Radhe Maa.

What has made Sharma a star producer in media overnight is his claim that he has signed none other but the Sex Goddess Mallika Sherawat to play the central character of Radhe Maa on screen.

In a interview to a famous news channel Sharma said, “Yes it is true I have spoken to Mallika Sherawat and she has given her nod for the picture.”

Readers would be surprised to know that Sharma also claims that he has been into an illicit love affair with Radhe Maa, despite Radhe Maa being married and the mother of two children.

Sharma alleges ever since Radhe Maa came to Mumbai she has changed her color as she is being branded as a god-women by vested interested. Sharma said, “Radhe Maa is nothing but a fake god- woman, who is marketed as a brand to loot gullible devotees and this is what I am going to show in my film.”

He added, “In my film I will expose Radhe Maa and depict the bitter truth how such fake religious baba and god-women take gullible devotees on ride and cheat them.”