Appuchi Gramam - Beyond Functional Tunes

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Having started his career as an Independent composer, Vishal Chandrasekar made his mark with, Santosh Sivan's, Inam. He displayed a lot of promise with his, BGM, and now he is back with another exciting movie, a sci-fi thriller 'Appuchi Gramam' for Tamil audience. Here is one younger composer who goes beyond functional tunes.

1. En Karunchingama Listen here

Singer: Gaana Bala

A pulsating number to kick start the album. Gaana Bala lights up the mood with his unique tone & rhythm. The initial guitar portion and the interludes with Naadaswaram make this number a good listen.

2. En Kannu Kulla Listen here

Singer: Varun Vishwa

A pleasant westernized melody from the composer. Varun sings with so much panache, and utters the lyrics perfectly. Groovy orchestration. The flutes and mild beats from drums surrounding the entire tune give a winter feel to the tune. 'Vetkathukke vetkam varum.. un meni oru pournmai' is a catchy line from this wonderful tune.

3. Kee Keecharey Listen here

Singer: Sinduri Shyam Sundar

A curtain raiser sort of a festive mood song. The lead singer and chorus fit the bill perfectly. A trip to our hometown festivals is guaranteed with native instruments beeing used throughout the tune.

4. Or Nila Listen here

Singer(s): Prahalad Raghavendran, Sinduri Shyam Sundar

Tha. Kannan (Lyricist) deserves a special mention for this short & lovely tune.' Un nizhalum, en nizhalum seruvadhu oru sugam'... is a supreme imagination from, Kannan. This could be one of those tracks which composed for the lyrics, and not the other way round. Prahalad's ice cream like voice gels well with the mild composition. Wish the song could be bit longer.

5. Theme of Appuchi Listen here

Being promoted as a sci-fi thriller, the Theme track is aptly composed with violins and flute dominating the entire 150 seconds to retain the surprise factor.

Pick(s) of the album: En Kannu Kulla & Or nila.