Have we ever wondered how important a location is and especially when a song is shot? Doesn’t it amuse you to see how and why they would have chosen that particular theme/location. Well one such thing is also inclusive of using ‘transport’ vehicles in songs. A range of vehicles right from a cycle to a train to a bus – we see it all in our Tamil songs! Here is a quick peek into few popular songs

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The song Thaiyya Thaiyya – is ofcourse synonymous with ‘train’ where we the actor and the actress are seen dancing on the train. This trend no doubt still continued and attracted the audience at large with Dhanush’s ‘Kannu rendum rangarattinum’ from the movie ‘kutty’. We cannot forget ‘Chikku bukku Rayile’ in this list ofcourse. The song not only captured attention for the brilliant picturisation but also for the catchy tune, thanks to A.R.Rahman. A train setting we can say provides ample scope for romance and this ofcourse has been validated with the song ‘Rayile rayile oru nimisham’ where we see kanika and prasanna even romancing on the train.

Not only have trains been a wonderful transport to shoot but ofcourse we cannot forget buses! Some songs have been almost entirely shot keeping this as the prime scenario. One song that we cannot miss is ofcourse ‘Arabnaade’ from Kaloori where the actor is seen romancing his lady love through in the bus. The wonderful folk-bassed ‘Jinguchakka’ from Myna is yet another wonderful example to showcase the song shot in a bus. Our Ulaganayagan and Maddy were seen having a conversation in the form of a song, the famous ‘ Yella Machi Machi,thala suthi suth’ from the movie Anbe Sivam.

Thus it is for us to notice more intently what kind of a location/ space a Director picks and infact we think it is extremely innovative to have made such attempts! Time to look out for many such songs!