Pongadi Neengalum Unga Kadhalum - An ally to yesteryear's hits

In view of the fact that tracks attributing to the 'Subramaniyapuram' trend, followed by 'Kumki' recently grabbed the claimed numero uno spot amongst the listeners expectations, here's a listen at what the album 'Pongadi Neengalum unga Kaadhalum' has to offer.

1.Ye Kaadhale Kaadhale

Singer(s): Thanjai Selvi

'Ye kaadhale kaadhale'sung by Thanjai Selvi is a perfect choice to bring out the 'native' nature in the voice tone. The song begins with on an absorbing note. The tune swings from the vaguely familiar, to unexplored area, especially in the second interlude. An appeal is added because of the philosophical lyrics and the earthly feel of the rhythms. The first line is a catchy one where we are told - the three lettered 'Kaa dha il' changes the fate of many. But the first time one listens to it, any music enthusiast will easily be able to relate it to the song 'Vandhanama Vandhanama' from the movie Easan. It maybe even due to Thanjai Selvi's effortless singing noted in both the songs that makes it sound similar.

2. Oru Ponnu Enna

Singer(s): Gaana Bala, Ramakrishnan

'Oru ponnu' by the famed Gaana Bala and Ramakrishnan yet again has very sad tone throughout the song. This may be attributed to the title of the movie, which brings out the agony of men towards the women. The song has successfully brought out the pain in each of them, the pain after a break up, the pain of loss of a girl, the pain of love. Use of lyrics like "Saavu adichutaada" makes a good connect with the current youth keeping in mind the colloquial nature of the word.

3. Chuda Chuda Kaadhal Theeye

Singer(s): Elizabeth Malini, Haricharan

With a racy rhythm in the song, the singers Haricharan and Elizabeth Malini have shown versatility in their tone, sounding rough when needed and at the same time having a smooth flow in the end notes in the song 'Chuda Chuda Kaadhal Theeye'. It maybe because of the emphasis on the word 'theeye' that the music director chose to send across to the listeners a 'fiery' feel.

4. Tharu Maara Yerudhadi

Singer(s): Mukesh

Mukesh's 'Tharu Maara Yerudhadi' with the typical 'Kuthu' feel makes one dance to the rhythm. Very apt with the title, the song talks about the guy's loneliness, in a way where the liquor bottle is his companion after the sad past. The lyrics by themselves touch on the emotions of men who trusted their counterpart but are now at a terrible plight, and are going astray - in the path of a drunkard.Although the concept of the song may not be new as we have witnessed this before in many songs in Tamil

5. Vaa Maa Vaa Maa Inime

Singer(s): Srilekha Parthasarathi, MLR Karthikeyan

'Vaa Ma Vaa Ma Inime' by Srilekha Parthasarathy and MLR Karthikeyan is an enjoyable duet, a romantic number. The strident notes constitute to an appealing medley. Looks like the mandatory love song in the movie. The Music Director Kannan has done a good job overall. Although the tracks sound good to the ear, it is not very engaging. There is innovation in the compositions but at one point each music lover would be able to associate each of the track to some other existing track which thus may not appeal to all as a brilliant musical.