Tanishk Bagchi took permission from Bappi da for 'Tamma Tamma Again'

Right before composer Tanishk Bagchi got down to composing the new "Tamma tamma" track, he spoke to its original composer Bappi Lahiri for an approval.

"I'm glad Bappi da, Madhuri ma'am (Madhuri Dixit) and everyone has liked the new song. And I couldn't have started working on it without having spoken to Bappi da once," Bagchi said in a statement.

"I called him before I started work on the song and he was really excited to bring back the song which till date people remember for its great music and stylisation of the video," he said.

The new version of "Tamma tamma" features in 'Badrinath Ki Dulhania'. This is not the first time Bagchi has worked on recreating a song. He last worked on "Humma humma".


  1. started work on the song and he was really excited

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  3. Bappi confirmed that he didn't give any clearance for the song and requested Tanishk to use his signature only in the track's lyrics rather than on the music. But it's been revealed that Bappi actually supports this usage of "Bappa" (though not identical to its original context) in place of or together with other Kanjis representing musical instruments; also, he had a letter from Shubhendra Holkar Lah iri in which he has unequivocally endorsed such "Bappa Bappi"; and Holkar's daughter Deepali Sengupta, who collaborated with him for his 2014 album Yana Rakta Dunga Shantu, wrote a tweet after the controversy started: ""I am sure that getting permission from someone is not mandatory to be #Original".


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