Sonu Nigam surprises fan who gave him 12 rupees

It's been a week that, singer Sonu Nigam who went unrecognized on the streets of Mumbai released his six-minute video 'The Roadside Ustaad'. This video went viral on all social sites and had become the talk of the town. If you have seen the video, it shows the singer disguised as an old street performer, singing on the streets in different parts of Mumbai. Seems like, he was on the streets for three long hours and also sang some 25 songs, where no one managed to recognize the singer at all. In all this, there was one guy who gave him Rs.12 as a reward for his performance.

So recently, during a live AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Facebook for his upcoming single, ‘Crazy Dil’ that launched today, that same young guy got to meet Sonu after all the wait. It was an amazing moment for both the star and fan! This news came to light when, the live AMA, posted on the Being Indian Facebook page that shows Sharbaaz Ali meeting Sonu Nigam in his house. The moment Sharbaaz meets him he says, "Apne itna bada surprise diya".

Both have a heartwarming conversation and Sonu expresses that he was the only person who gave him money while he was in disguise. Sonu also opened up saying that the Rs. 12 has been framed and displayed right next to his awards.

Check on the emotional and heartwarming video below!