OH NO! Taapsee Pannu gets stalked?

Taapsee Pannu has always been the kinds to be shower her fans with love and always tries to be available for them if possible. But Taapsee was recently in for a rude surprise when a fan from Kolkata went two steps further to express his interest to meet the actress. 

It is a known fact that Taapsee is one of the founders of a leading wedding planning business and one day, she received a social media message asking about her firm's work and services. The person who hails from Kolkata was more concerned to know if Taapsee herself would be available for meeting. On a polite decline, the person took to making rapid phone calls and stalking the actress on social media. So much so the actress was surprised to have the person's father reach out to the actress via her official number, this time under the pretext of discussing a film project with her. The actress has currently let the person go off warning.

When contacted Taapsee she said, "This situation was first of is kind. This person insisted that I should come to his wedding only then he will take my company's services. When I told him I am busy during those dates he made his father call me. All this, even though he hasn't even decided who he is getting married to. I asked him to find his bride first and then ask for my presence. This didn't stop him either, he then claimed to have a script for me sent by a director to him, so I should get in touch with him for the same soon. I love my fans and cherish the love they bestow upon me but this got a little difficult to handle."

Taapsee will next be seen on big screen with 'Ghazi' opposite Rana Daggubati and 'Pink' with Amitabh Bachchan.