Aamir Khan & Sir Ian McKellen to meet over Shakespeare!

Since 2016 observes the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death, renowned film heads from Hollywood and Bollywood will meet to pay their tribute to the legend.

Well-acclaimed American actor Sir Ian McKellen is all set to visit India in the month of May. While he is here, the American actor is going to be in conversation with India’s perfectionist, Aamir Khan on Shakespeare’s legacy and world cinema at large. Well, having cinema legends like Sir Ian McKellen and Aamir Khan discussing the works of another legend, Shakespeare will definitely be a big treat for all their fans.

Incidentally, MAMI Film Club is partnered with the British Council, the BFI, GREAT, NCPA and Fountainhead to bring Ian McKellen and the incredible ‘Shakespeare Lives on Film’ programme to India.

The conversation is slated for 23rd of May in Mumbai, in presence of a large audience consisting of cinema enthusiasts and will mark the debut outing of MAMI Film Club, which will soon roll out an exciting year-round programme of activities for the denizens of Mumbai.