Shahid Kapoor's 'Udta Punjab' character makes an impact on Punjab music community

Shahid Kapoor completely nailed by leaving everyone awestruck with his impeccable Rockstar avatar in Udta Punjab's trailer. Shahid's never seen before avatar not only left his audience pleasantly surprised but has also got top singers and wrappers in Punjab talking.

We were told that top Punjabi singers and rappers have personally reached out to Shahid appreciating the perfect attitude and swag that the actor carries as Tommy Singh in the film. While Shahid is overwhelmed with the positive response his portrayal of Tommy Singh has brought for him, it is the special Kudos from Punjab's top music community members that has got him content as an actor.

The actor was also inundated with calls, mails and messages from fans and industry folks for giving them a yet another version of Shahid Kapoor as an actor.

Confirming this a spokesperson added, "Shahid has been surprising all as an actor. As Tommy Singh, he has showcased superior depiction of an aggressive Rock star. He has gone a step further and added his own touch to the character by refraining to mimic any existing Rock stars. He is receiving a lot of love and appreciation from Punjabi Rock star's and audience alike for his portrayal of Tommy Singh."

We surely can't wait to see more of Shahid after witnessing the actor in the recently released trailer!!!