Radhika Apte new video 'Find Your Beautiful' will give you the true meaning of life

'Badlapur' actress Radhika Apte will blow your mind in her new video - 'Find Your Beautiful'. She talks about what exactly is the real meaning of being beautiful. This video 'Find Your Beautiful' was aired on Thursday on Culture Machine's YouTube channel Blush. In the video you will see, Radhika saying, that one should not get influenced by society and rather should be what you are!

In this four-minute video, Radhika will be looking at one of her childhood pictures and will be thinking what exactly beautiful means. At a recent event, she said: "The fact that I feel so strongly about this topic is what urged me. In today's time, where everyone is trying to fit into the definitions of 'beauty' made by society, I think it is essential that someone talks about loving yourself the way you are. She also adds to say, "When Culture Machine's Blush team approached me with the concept, I instantly remembered the attempts I used to make to fit into the imposed image of glamour and beauty as a teenager. I felt that it gives out the right message through the right medium and that's why I agreed to take it up."

This was Radhika's second special video, she has been earlier appreciated for filmmaker Sujoy Ghosh's 2015 short film 'Ahalya', where she ruled the social site with her power of skills.