Hrithik Roshan makes grandfather emotional! And HOW?

Sources close to the actor share that he is very close to his maternal grandfather, J Om Prakash.

Hrithik knew that his nana (as the actor calls him) is very fond of this particular Mercedes. So he decided to surprise him by getting him outside his house with the car waiting for him.

Hrithik's nana was pleasantly surprised on seeing the car and instantly gave him a big hug. He was very moved by this sweet gesture of his grandson, who he is very proud of. He got teary eyed on realising how much Hrithik cares about him to fulfill his wish. And that too without any specific reason. It wasn't any special occasion to give the gift.

Looks like his nana took him for the first drive in his favourite car. It is proven that Hrithik can make you weak not just with his Greek God looks but also with gestures like these.

Hrithik is currently having 'Mohenjo Daro' and 'Kaabil' on hand....