Aamir Khan facing problems in buying ancestral home in Banaras

Aamir Khan recently on his birthday had announced on how he wants to purchase his mother Zeenat Hussain's childhood home in Banaras. This is one of the wishes that the actor wants to accomplish for his mother. 

Sharing details on this our sources revealed, Aamir has already started the process of purchasing his ancestral house, Khwaja Manzil and has spotted the house in the city, although it doesn't seem to be an easy task as Aamir is facing several roadblocks and it feels increasingly impossible for the actor to purchase the house.

Reason being, currently the house is in some legal dispute. Also the current owners of the house haven't been cooperating which is making the task look very difficult. The house at present is being owned by 3 owners out of which 2 of them are not showing any sings of cooperation with the actors family and lawyers. 

Aamir's family and the lawyers have been regularly paying visits to the area to sort out the matter mutually and have had several meetings with the 2 members however the other owners are not in agreement due to which the entire process looks halted. 

Aamir who has seen the house has expressed his desires on buying it as it has several of his mothers childhood memories engraved at this house. The actor has also previously mentioned on how he would request the local residents to help him buy the house. 

It looks like, it isn't going to be an easy journey for Aamir to fulfill this wish of his for his mother.