SAALA KHADOOS could be another success like CHAK DE INDIA and MARY KOM

R Madhavan is certainly the only South based actor to have made his presence felt in Bollywood and now he is doubling himself as a film producer with his upcoming film SAALA KHADOOS.

Further with name of popular filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani associated with film, the movie is attracting huge publicity but the major problem facing both R Madhavan and Rajkumar Hirani is that the movie, even before its release, is being compared to Shah Rukh Khan’s CHAK DE INDIA and Priyanka Chopra's boxing film MARY KOM! 

On the surface yes like CHAK DE INDIA (2007) and MARY KOM (2014), R.Madhavan’s SAALA KHADOOS is an emotional tale of determination and perseverance inculcated by a coach into his student to achieve her goal.

Well if we look back in 2005, national award winner filmmaker Nagesh Kukunoor’s film IQBAL had a same similar script depicting a wrecked ex-cricketer battling his energies to give a place of pride to a handicapped talented youth, which he could attain in his hey days due to dirty politics. 

The movie though made on a shoe string budget was a runaway hit. Thus proving that the subject may be the same but what makes a movie successful is the treatment both by a competent script writer and an accomplished film director. 

To illustrate my point more clearly, I take my readers back to the 70’s when not one but four films were made on a same subject about a handful of criminals encouraging villagers to take upon the atrocities of a dreaded dacoit. Interestingly all the four movies viz. MERA GAON MERA DESH (1971), KHOTE SIKKAY (1974), CHOR MACHAYE SHOR (1974) and PRATIGYA (1975) were hits. 

However what may stun readers is that popular writer pair Salim Javed too took the same ‘oft repeated’ subject and brilliantly re-wrote it into Indian’s biggest commercial blockbuster SHOLAY! 

Credits must be given to brilliant filmmaker Ramesh Sippy to deftly tackle the run of the mill subject!!! 

Hence I think there is no reason for R.Madhavan and Rajkumar Hirani to worry because if the director and screenplay writer have competently handled the film, SAALA KHADOOS could be another success like CHAK DE INDIA (2007) and MARY KOM (2014),