Is Akshay Kumar switching to serious cinema?

Bollywood top star Akshay Kumar recognized for his action and comedy films seems to be switching his track from the regular run of the mill typical Bollywood masala potboilers to doing movies that are socially relevant and have a message. 

Bowled over by the subject of his recent film AIRLIFT that depicts the humane service of the Air India personnel who played a lion’s share in evacuating 1, 70,000 Indians stuck in Kuwait in 1990 during the Iran- Iraq war, Akshay Kumar says, “The movie is truly heartrending tale. When I heard the script I wondered what if I was struck with a similar fate and tears rolled into my eyes.”

He confides, “And these tears where not the typical Bollywood KABHI KHUSHI KABHIE GHAM kind of tears but the one that ooze when your heart is melted gravely. Hence I nodded to do the film despite the movie lacking routine Bollywood item songs and comedy.”

Besides AIRLIFT the latest news is that Akshay Kumar has also nodded to play the lead in the Hindi remake of Tamil blockbuster KATHTHI, directed by A R Murugadoss. 

Reports claim Akshay Kumar, who recently donated Rs 90 lakhs to drought-hit farmers in Maharashtra, was quite pleased by the script of KATHTHI that deals with farmers committing suicide due to corporate encroachment. 

When asked about his negative role in Rajinikanth starrer ENTHIRAN 2 (ROBOT 2), Akshay says, “Well I have nodded for ENTHIRAN 2 only because the movie has a striking message and filmmaker Shanker is known for exposing the flaws of the society.” 

What’s more Akshay is also planning to produce a Female-centric film. In a recent interview he candidly confessed, “I have been pondering of making a women oriented a film. I also have a script since long but I have been searching for the right actress and I think I have found one in Nimrat Kuar, my co-actress in AIRLIFT, who made her Bollywood debut opposite Irrfan Khan-starrer THE LUNCHBOX.”

Akshay Kumar says he finds pride when people like his film like BABY, he says, “I feel proud when people like IPS officers appreciate my roles in films like BABY. I know such movies do not yield huge money at box office but slowly an audience for such movies is growing at a rapid speed and this gives me solace.”