Eminent Bollywood script writer turn lyricist Javed Akhtar turns 71!

Remember the hits songs “Ae dil-e-nadaan…’ (RAZIA SULTAN), “Yeh dil unki aur nigahon ke saaye” (PREM PARBAT), Piya Piya Piya Meraa Jiya Pukare (BAAP RE BAAP) etc. Any guess who has written these songs? 

Well they are all penned by eminent Urdu poet and film lyricist Jan Nisar Akhtar, father of renowned contemporary lyricist Javed Akhtar, who got his early lesson in poetry from his father.

In a candid interview Javed said, “When I was growing and was in my teens my father recognized the poet in me and encouraged me to write. He would recite what he wrote to me and we’d discuss his poetry. He took my criticism seriously. And we spoke poetry like equals.”

Going down memory lane he recalls, “Thus under his guidance I learnt the form of writing lucid poetry but since my father was of Communist ideology he was always away from house.”

“Many a times he would go underground for his hard-hitting neo realistic poetry attacking the capitalists and the government for the rights of the deprived. As a result I and my sibling had to stay alone with my mother in penury,” he informs. 

He adds, “Since my father was too versatile and never bowed before producers diktats he could not make a name for himself but I decided to change the equation. Hence when I began writing along with Salim Khan (Salman Khan’s father) we decided to demand remuneration at par with the superstars. We delivered the best of the scripts like ZANJEER, DEEWAAR, SHOLAY, DON, MR.INDIA and charged remuneration that changed the image of writers I India.” 

Truly indeed! In fact after the spit of Salim Javed, Javed Akhtar continued his father’s legacy of penning poetry which of course was at par with the writing genius of his father remember his soulful lyrics like Panchhi Nadiyan Pawan Ke...; Radha Kaisa Na Jale....;Sandese aate hain.... Ek ladki ko dekha..; Kal ho na ho....

Interestingly while Javed’s father never obliged to film producers for writing cheap lyrics, Javed did compromise and wrote raunchy lyrics like Ek Do Teen… (TEZAAB), Kaate nahi kat te…(MR.INDIA) etc. 

Defending himself he says, “One has to change with times and accept harsh realities to survive but I have never gone below the belt or written suggestive double meaning lyrics.” 

True, Javed Sahab! Raaga.Com wishes you Birthday greeting on your 71th birthday and hope you keep the tradition of genuine poetry alive!!!