REVEALED! How filmmaker Shanker discovered Akshay Kumar for playing antagonist in ENTHIRAN 2

Filmmaker Shanker’s upcoming film ENTHIRAN 2 (ROBOT 2) will go down in the history of Indian Cinema as the most talked about film as far as the casting of its lead villain is considered. The movie created a hell lot of suspense, more chilling than an Alfred Hitchcock suspense thriller about the main villain for his upcoming film ENTHIRAN 2 (ROBOT 2). 

Names of top notch actors, ranging from Bollywood superstars like Aamir Khan to Amitabh Bachchan to Hrithik Roshan to South Indian film superstars like Vikram to Vijay to Hollywood iconic actor Arnold Schwarzenegger made buzz in both print and electronic media to be cast as main antagonist. 

However on December 16, 2015, when Shanker launched the shooting of the film ENTHIRAN 2 (ROBOT 2) he took everybody by surprise by announcing the name of Bollywood action king Akshay Kumar as the main antagonist opposite Rajinikanth in the film!

So the multimillion dolor question is when Shanker was in talks with above mention superstars than how did he suddenly discover Akshay Kumar to play the main villain? 

Well, if reports are to be believed Shanker had never ever thought of Akshay Kumar as lead villain in ENTHIRAN 2 (ROBOT 2).

However just prior to the days of shooting his anxiety increased as Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was almost fixed for the role, gave Shanker the last minute jolt by demanding a whopping Rs 100 crore! 

Hence Shanker’s anxiety new no bound as the day of shooting came closer. Watching her film director in utter anxiety film actress Amy Jackson, who plays the lead heroine in the film, recommended Shanker the name of Akshay Kumar. 

Akshay Kumar, who shares a warm relation with Amy, as he had recommended her in the film SINGH IS BLIING, could not say ‘No’ to her and obliged. 

Thus ending the climax and filmmaker Shanker’s anxiety!