How Sadhana - The ‘Mystery Girl’ became Mystery for Bollywood!

Naina barasen rim-jhim rim-jhim….

Remember this super hit song from the film WHO KAUN THI staring Sadhana, the bewitchingly beautiful actress of yesteryear. Incidentally like the song millions of Sadhana’s fans shed tears when they heard of the sudden demise of their favorite actress on Friday December 25. 

Eminent filmmaker Karan Johar paid her a befitting tribute. He said, “Your legacy of beauty, poise and utmost grace....will live on forever...” 

Truly Sadhana was an epitome of beauty; wide big eyes, an attractive visage, pleasant smile and a delicate build made Sadhana quite a charmer and arguably the First Diva of Bollywood.

Bollywood film lyrist Hasrat Jaipuri rightly captured her beauty in the film ARZOO when he wrote the song praising her abundant beauty in the song…. 

Aye Phoolon Ki Rani, Bahaaron Ki Mallika, 

Tera Muskurana Gazab Hogaya.... 

Such was her craze in the 60’s when Yash Chopra made the First Multi Starrer of Indian Cinema, WAQT staring iconic stars like Balraj Sahani, Sunil Dutt, Raaj Kumar and Shashi Kapoor Yash Chopra sidelined top actresses like Vyjayanthimala, Saira Banu, Asha Parekh etc and opted for Sadhana purely for her beauty that had taken the nation by storm, particularly the youth! 

It was her sheer beauty that most of her films did excellent business at the box-office remember films like ASLI-NAQLI, EK MUSAFIR EK HASINA, MERE MEHBOOB, RAAJKUMAR, WOH KAUN THI, MERA SAYA, ARZOO the list is long. 

However it is indeed a mystery that the Almighty who blessed Sadhana with such astounding beauty slowly and gradually took away her beauty so much so that she went into oblivion and declined to even face the media. 

Sadhana who had earned the title of ‘Mystery Girl’ after playing multiple such roles as in WHO KUAN THI, MERA SAYA, ANITA etc. herself became a mystery for Bollywood! 

According to reports she had developed thyroid which gradually began worsening her beauty. Her wide big eyes which attracted everybody were badly affected. It’s believed Sadhana not only hid herself from media and public glare but she even avoided looking at the mirror! 

After she got her thyroid treated at a hospital in Boston, in US, she distanced herself from society. She didn’t mingle with anybody. She did come out once that too to support cancer patients. Ironically it was cancer that took her life. 

Raaga.Com pays humble tribute to Sadhana and prays her soul rest in peace in heaven.


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