DILWALE disappoints SRK fans! Is Shah Rukh Khan losing his sheen as a superstar?

It seems Shah Rukh Khan is losing his sheen as a superstar and is on the way downwards like the previous superstars Amitabh Bachchan, Rajesh Khanna and Dilip Kumar because after CHENNAI EXPRESS (2013) and HAPPY NEW YEAR (2014) once again Shah Rukh Khan has let down his fans with his just released film DILWALE! 

The movie is minting money at the box office and has registered over Rs 50 crore business in just 2 two days. So one may wonder - What is the reason for his downfall? 

Well the business generated is out of curiosity. Being a Shah Rukh Khan film his fans have thronged cinema halls but after watching the film they are disappointed and dejected.

Most of his fans after watching the movie are criticizing Shah Rukh Khan for enacting in a film that is awfully stupid and utterly boring. In fact in a live chat session on Twitter Shah Rukh was condemned by his fans for doing a mindless film. Few fans even warned him that if he continues to do such silly films than he may even lose out his fans and perhaps be thrown off the throne of stardom! 

But the question is why Shah Rukh Khan does such stupid films? Well when a fan asked him such a question he said, “As an actor I have to do all genre of films.” 

What Shah Rukh Khan says is right because as a superstar he is compelled to do films of big banners that are laced with every form of masala that entertains everyone and in doing so, usually the quality of a film is hampered and it falls flat on its face. 

When Amitabh Bachchan was the superstar big budget filmmakers like Manmohan Desai (TOOFAN), Prakash Mehra (JAADUGAR ), Ramesh Sippy (AKAYLA) etc. followed the same practice and it brought doom to his stardom. 

Similarly past superstar like Rajesh Khanna and Dilip Kumar too had to follow the diktats of commercial filmmakers and had to pay the bitter price for it. 

Hope Shah Rukh Khan learns a lesson and avoids doing such nonsensical film to retain his stardom!