Bollywood celebrates Salman Khan’s freedom while society regrets judgment!

Bollywood went bananas no sooner the Bombay High Court acquitted actor Salman Khan of all charges in the 2002 hit-and-run case. 

The best accolade probably came from the distinguished filmmaker Subhash Ghai who tweeted, ‘God is always kind to good human beings, @Being Salman Khan with god’s blessings is freed today from a hanging sword for thirteen years. Cheers!!! 

To add cheery on the cake was the tweet of Mr. Anupam Kher, who these days is more inclining towards politics than acting. In his tweet he wrote, ‘So happy that @Being Salman Khan is acquitted of all charges. Truth Prevails. Even if it takes 13 long years!

While Bollywood and the so called fans of Salman Khan may rejoice the verdict but the people who are rational and believe in true justice are dejected at the decision as they argue if Salman Khan was not driving the car than who was really behind the wheels that killed the people sleeping on the pavement?

A person on twitter mocking the Salman Verdict has written, ‘India saw its first driver less car much before Google thought about it.’! 

According to legal experts the verdict in Salman Khan is nothing surprising because the Indian judiciary is purely based on the evidence and facts that are produced before the honorable court but alas if the prosecution is not able to bring the facts and evidence outstandingly and defend the case firmly than Judiciary finds loop holes in the law and favours the outlaw. 

Hence Justice A R Joshi disposed the case citing prosecution weakness in bringing strong evidential material on record to prove case. 

History is packed with innumerable such cases where the rich and the famous have been acquitted. Powerful politicians, business tycoons, builders film stars easily get away with murders, corruption, killing innocents. The law is stern only for the poor and the weaker section of the society. 

Hence it is not surprising that like Salman Khan his buddy Sanjay Dutt too has greased the palms of the law and will be releasing much before his punishment trial! 

Justice A R Joshi may have declined the testimony of late Salman’ s bodyguard Ravindra Patil, the key prosecution witness, not 'wholly reliable' but the law must understand the dead may not speak but the living will have to be accountable to someone in future… how and when that only the ALMIGHTY knows!!! 

Today Salman Khan may celebrate his release but he must remember just one think the judgment given by the court of law is not the ultimate. Above this court of law there is another court governed by the creator of all human beings and no one can escape the fury of the verdict of the most Supreme Judge –The ALMIGHTY!!!