Shah Rukh Khan’s success is an inspiration for all!

Shah Rukh Khan - Naam to suna hoga! (You may have heard the name) 

Surely Shah Rukh Khan is a ‘name to reckon’ not just in India but around the globe so much so that according to an estimate about 3.4 - 3.8 Billion people from across the globe knows the name ‘Shah Rukh Khan’!

In nut shell half of the world population is his crazy about him and he is more popular than Hollywood superstars Brad Pitt and Tom Cruis!!

November 2 marks his 50th birthday of the SRK; Raaga.Com wishes him birthday greeting and prays he continues to entertain for generations to come. 

Shah Rukh Khan popularly recognized as SRK and termed as Badshah Khan in Bollywood has come a long way in his career spanning more than two decades. Truly his raise to stardom is one of the most inspiring rags to riches tale.

Remember the inspirational dialogue from his film OM SHANTI OM

Itni Shiddat se maine tujhe paane ki koshish ki hai; ki har zarre ne mujhe tumse milane ki saajish ki hain…

(I tried to seek you with such passion that every particle in the universe plotted treachery to help me reach you) 

Truly Shah Rukh Khan had desperately tried to be an actor and in his bid to be a film star he even had to sleep on footpaths of Mumbai. He had to face many hardships including several rejections and days of starvation but it was his sheer determination that came to his rescue. 

After days of struggle he was spotted by noted actress and filmmaker Hema Malini, who first signed him for her film DIL AASHNA HAI but call it destiny or SRK’s fortune that her movie got delayed and his other film DEEWANA got first released in June 25, 1992. DEEWANA was super hit and fetched Shah Rukh Khan the prestigious Best Debut Actor of the Year Filmfare Award. 

Incidentally four months later Hema Malini’s film DIL AASHNA HAI released on October 23, 1992 and proved a major disaster! 

Had DIL AASHNA HAI released before than probably, today, Shah Rukh Khan would have been Mr. Nobody but as the axiom goes - Where there is Will, There is Way and as the stirring dialogue from his film OM SHANTI OM, when one is determined to achieve his goal than even nature plots treachery to help one reach his destination as it did in SRK’s favor!! 

Moral of the story - keep pursuing your goals with utter determination and success will follow you!!