Salman Khan goes diplomatic on Growing Intolerance issue

Taking clue from the ugly controversy that gripped Shah Rukh Khan after his comment on Growing Intolerance Salman Khan took a diplomatic stand on the issue. 

Recently at a university campus at Delhi in Noida, Salman Khan and Sonam Kapoor were present to promote their upcoming film PREM RATAN DHAN PAYO. During the event when he was compelled to speak out his opinion on growing intolerance he diplomatically wrapped the issue in a single ling saying, “We are all Indian!” 

Interestingly when he was tried to be dragged further into the controversy and asked about his reaction on the remark made by Shah Rukh Khan on growing intolerance he cleverly sidelined the question by saying he is not aware of Shah Rukh's remarks on intolerance and hence could not answer the question.

When one of the journalists tried to corner Salman and forced him to give his opinion on growing intolerance Salman Khan brilliantly turned the table on the journalist and countered her to express her opinion. She said, “I don't believe it is there and it is a created atmosphere.”

To this Salman Khan intelligently advised her that if it is a created atmosphere than do not create it because it is people like her who are unnecessary creating an atmosphere and increasing growing intolerance in India. 

Truly indeed Salman Khan is correct that the flames of growing intolerance have been fueled more by the media than anybody else. Hence the media instead of sensationalizing such sensitive issue must understand the gravity of the issue and work for the harmony of the nation.