Kamal Haasan goes gaga over Shah Rukh Khan’s humbleness!

Shah Rukh Khan was flooded with birthday greeting on his 50th birthday but the most striking greeting that Badshah Khan may have received came from thespian of South Indian Cinema Kamal Haasan, who applauded SRK’s human stature and admired his humble nature which he has abided since beginning. 

Kamal Haasan said, “What I appreciate most about Shah Rukh Saab ( Kamal Haasan adorably address SRK) is that he has been down to earth since he acquired stardom and even today when he is such a huge Superstar, he maintains the same humbleness that he posed two decades back!” 

“I salute his humility because frankly speaking such kind of humanity comes to most successful celebrates quite late in their career and Shah Rukh Saab has been abiding since beginning. A rare quality I must confess!,” he added.

Recalling SRK’s humbleness Kamal Haasan remembered when he had approached Shah Rukh to persuade him to do a cameo in his movie HEY RAM (2000). 

He reminisced, “When the character of Pathan in my film HEY RAM was discussed the first name that flashed my mind was to cast Shah Rukh. Hence I immediately called him and fixed an appointment. Shah Rukh Saab was overwhelmed by the role and when I asked him remuneration he floored me saying ‘Working with the great Kamal Haasan was more than any amount!”

In 2013 Kamal Haasan threw a party in Chennai to celebrate his career’s success journey. Shah Rukh Khan was a special invitee and he SRK made it a point to grace the occasion. 

Recalls Kamal, “The highlight of the party was that during the course of the party the air conditioners in the luxurious five star hotel, suddenly broke down and everybody was in sweat and gasping but not Shah Rukh Saab!!”

“Though he was too was in suit but despite the heat he did not shy and made the party lively by his energetic dance and entertainment. That day, I must confess, I realized that he is a true Pathan and a born entertainer!,” he confided.