SS Rajamouli’s BAAHUBALI inspires India’s premier Vellore Institute of Technology!

It may come as a stunner that a film could inspire a premium technical institute as prestigious as Vellore Institute of Technology Engineering (VITE) but it is true that SS Rajamouli’s BAAHUBALI has done the impossible. 

According to reports a professor from VITE has been so impressed by the extravagant sets of SS Rajamouli’s BAAHUBALI that he dared to ask a question related to the sets in the movie for the civil engineering students in the internal examination of the premium institute. 

Assistant professor Mahendra Gattu, who is known for asking question related to day-to-day life and application based instead of the dull text book based questions informed, “I believe in teaching my students what is practical and application based. Hence instead of changing numerical values of the text books problems I prefer to make fun based and interesting questions that the students grasp and easily interrelate.”

He added, “The movie BAAHUBALI has been appreciated by all and is a real treat both in entertainment values and its spectacular sets deigns. Hence I decided to quiz my students if they were the civil engineers and asked to design a similar set like that of BAAHUBALI than how would have they designed the set that had maximum structural stability and also guaranteed the safety of the actors.” 

“The question paper provided diagrams that depicted a rough sketch of the movie set explaining from where the hero would jump during the different frames. Students had to use their skills and answer,” quipped. 

It may be noted like BAAHUBALI, several movies have been used as study material in education like Zoya Akhtar's ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOBARA, which was shot in Spain, has been included as a case study for a course in marketing management there. 

The early 70’s cult classic GARAM HAWA directed by M. S. Sathyu is taught as syllabus for Bachelor of Mass Media (B.M.M.) students in Mumbai University. 

Besides at the University of Lowa in USA; a graduate course is conducted that studies popular Indian cinema that includes films LIKE AWARA, MOTHER INDIA, DEEWAAR, DILWALE DULHANIA LE JAYENGE etc.