Is it Prabhas, Vijay or Mahesh Babu as main villain in DHOOM 4?

It is rightly said that there's no smoke without fire. Hence the sensational news of Yash Raj Film’s chief Adi Chopra and DHOOM 3 director Vijay Krishna Acharya casting Telugu superstar Prabhas as the main antagonist in their forthcoming DHOOM 4 is worth pondering.

Though officially both Adi Chopra and Vijay Krishna Acharya may have declined the news as a mere rumor but what is worth considering is that if the duo had no plans to cast Prabhas in their film then why did a secret screening of Prabhas super duper hit film BAAHUBALI was screened at Yash Raj Film studio and that too it was watched by just Adi Chopra, Krishna Acharya and the production team of DHOOM 3?

According to a source close to Yash Raj Films the villain in DHOOM 4 is a tall, muscular and strapping youth. Hence after lot pondering when both Adi and Krishna Acharya were not able to decide on the villain, a production team member suggested south superstar Prabhas’ name. When the question of his pan India appeal was raised the success of his multi lingual film BAAHUBALI was cited. Impressed Adi immediately called to arrange a special screening of BAAHUBALI to scrutinize his screen persona.

However now since the filmmakers have termed the news as rumor, it seems Yash Raj Films wants to maintain suspense or is it they are looking for some other South Superstar may be Vijay Illayathalapathy or the heartthrob of millions Mahesh Babu? Both Vijay and Mahesh Babu are tall and dashing and more particularly are famous for their action and stunts.

One wonders what’s on card but the only actor confirmed till now is Hrithik Roshan. But hold on…. Hrithik Roshan is not the main antagonist in the film. He only plays a cameo. Probably the villain of DHOOM 4 may be the son of Hrithik Roshan. Hence the filmmakers are on a look out for an actor who has the traits and looks akin to Hrithik Roshan.

Taking this into consideration all the three South superstars Prabhas, Vijay and Mahesh Babu fit the bill and most importantly all the three have pan India star appeal.

Further with BAAHUBALI breaking box office records, Adi Chopra is overwhelmed by the star appeal of South Superstars globally. Hence to tap global market he might probably opt for a South Superstar as the main villain?

So keep your figures crossed and hope for the best!!!