Arnold Schwarzenegger breaks Rajinikanth’s fee record; will he also score over him in acting in the film ENTHIRAN 2?

Rajinikanth’s upcoming movie ENTHIRAN 2 (ROBOT -2 in Hindi) has been in news ever since filmmaker Shanker announced the sequel to his 2010 blockbuster ENTHIRAN. 

However with Hollywood superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger joining the crew the movie has garnered not just publicity in Indian media but even the International media is going gaga over the news and the reports are grabbing eyeballs. 

Truly by signing Arnold Schwarzenegger as the main villain in ENTHIRAN 2 Shanker has, beyond doubt, made the movie an International project. 

In fact it won’t be wrong to say ENTHIRAN 2 would be India’s first film to have a genuine International appeal because till date no Indian film (Including Bollywood) has ever cast a foreign actor of repute as Arnold Schwarzenegger in a full-fledged role.

But was it easy to hire Arnold Schwarzenegger in ENTHIRAN 2? Well it is has been a tough nut to crack because if reports are to be believed producers Lyca International have vouched a whooping Rs 1 crore and agreed to all the demands of Arnold Schwarzenegger to play the character. 

Thus with a fees as high as Rs 1 Crore, Arnold Schwarzenegger has written a new history in the annals of not only Indian cinema but Asian cinema.

Prior to him it was Rajinikanth who held the highest paid actor record in Asia when he charged an enormous amount of Rs 60 Crore for LINGAA. 

Thus with Arnold Schwarzenegger charging Rs 100 crore he has broken Rajinikanth’s record in the fee department. 

Now let’s wait and see will Arnold Schwarzenegger be able to out beat Rajinikanth in acting department in the film ENTHIRAN 2? 

According to Shaker he has written an equally powerful role of the villain hence he wished to cast Aamir Khan as the antagonist but he declined. Hence Arnold Schwarzenegger has a tailor made role but will he be able to out beat the veteran superstar Rajinikanth as Amjad khan did as the deadly Gabbar Singh in SHOLAY and stood out beating giants of Bollywood actors like Sanjeev Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra???? 

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