Wanna Know eminent author R.K. Narayan was annoyed with Dev Anand’s movie GUIDE?

Maein Zindagi Ka Saath Nibhata Chala Gaya; 

Har Fikar Ko Dhuen Mein Udata Chala Gaya …

Akin to the lyrics of this song from his home production HUM DONO, Evergreen actor and czar of romance Dev Anand lived life on his terms shrugging all apprehensions and lived life King-size. 

September 26, marks his 92nd birth anniversary. On this occasion Raaga.Com pays our humble homage to the legend and recalls how he was obsessed about his movie GUIDE and how he would get passionate when someone asked him about the movie. Read on…. 

March 22, 1994 is a data that has registered in my memory for ever as it was on this fortunate day I happened to interview the flamboyant and debonair actor Dev Anand.

When I entered his office room I found Dev Sahib busy writing and completely engrossed. However when he saw me he greeted me with his million dollar smile and said, “Sorry I am in a rush, nevertheless I have reserved 10 minutes for the interview.” 

Listening this I fell dumb folded as I felt what could I ask in such a less time? Thinking hard I decided to quiz him about his movie GUIDE, as I was aware he had a soft corner for the film. Hence I asked, “Your movie GUIDE was an offbeat movie. How did you dare to make a movie on a subject like adultery, which was taboo in the 60’s?”

The question perplexed him and Dev sahib went down memory lane narrating the many untold facts of the movie. He enlightened me with the rare fact that R K Narayan, the famous south Indian author known for his best seller Malgudi Days, on whose novel ‘The Guide’ the movie was adapted was a bit appalled by the movie.

Dev Anand informed, “In fact Narayan even vented his wrath against my film in an article he wrote for Life magazine. However R K Narayan's protests did not stop the audiences from embracing my film and it run for many months.”

Dev Anand also informed that GUIDE was the first international collaboration of Indian cinema. The premiere of the movie was held in New York, where Dev Anand meet David Selznick, who wanted to cast him for a movie to be shot in Kashmir. He also said, “GUIDE was also India’s official entry for Oscar.”

The interview that was supposed to be of just ten minutes went up to one and half hour!!!