Salman Khan fetches Rs 1, 10,000 and Shah Rukh just Rs 10,000/- ?

Two years back Salman Khan fetched Rs 80,000/- but with growing inflation this year his price has boosted to Rs 1 lakh!! Do not get confused we are not talking of actor Salman Khan, rather we are speaking about the goats on sale for Eid-ul-azha (Bakra Eid). 

In Uttar Pradesh, each year on the eve of Bakri Eid the goat seller have a trend to lure buyers by naming their goats on popular film stars. 

This year in Lucknow the goat that is priced at a whopping price of Rs 1, 10,000 is named Salman Khan. The owner of the goat proudly says, “This is my healthiest two-year-old goat and weighs 1 quintal. It is one of the strongest goats in the Bakra market. Hence I have named it Salman Khan and fixed its price at Rs 1,10,000!”

On being quizzed why the price of Salman Khan named goat is so high, the owner said, "I reared this goat for almost a year like my own child. I used to feed him with two litres of milk with two eggs every day. He is very fond of 'jalebis' also. I fed him dry fruits more than often. Hence the goat is worthy of its price.” 

Interestingly while Salman Khan named goad earned Rs 1, 10,000, a goat named Shah Rukh fetched just Rs 10, 000! 

Interestingly this year besides film star, sports stars too found their place in this goat market. A goat named ‘Sania’, after tennis ace 'Sania Mirza', won a handsome price!! 

Raaga.Com wishes all our Muslim readers Happy Eid-Ul-Azha!