MTV Big F show to depict fictional sex tales on TV!

It seems Indian television is crossing all the limits of ethics and moral and becoming bold and sexy. After TV serial like BIGG BOSS that opening exhibit intimate steamy romance and dirty language, MTV has gone a step ahead and is making a bold TV serial called MTV Big F!

The name of the serial ‘Big F!’ evidently explains the implicit content of the serial. The serial aims at showcasing barred sex stories that one comes across Adult Magazine like Fantasy and its like.

 According to famous TV actor Gautam Gulati, who is these days making waves as TV anchor, would be anchoring this show. Briefing media he said that the show would be the first of its kind that would boldly depict illicit love affairs and clandestine fantasies of young couples.

For the promotion of the TV show Gautam Gulati has done a passionate kiss show that has already gone viral among the MTV’s targeted youth audience.

Speaking about the photo shot Gautam Gulati, “I just shot for the promo, which keeping in line with the concept of the show, explores fantasies people have. In the photo shot I’m seen kissing on screen for the first time. It looks perfect and matches the vibe of the show. Also, it sets the tone for what’s to come once the show goes on air.”

Interestingly on one hand the government bans porn on internet while on the other hand it gives permission to such dirty shows that are sure to harm the younger generation. Shouldn’t right thinking organization raise a voice because TV is watched by family hence it could have far reaching implication on the youth and more particularly on the adolescents!