Films like BAHUBALI prove South Indian cinema is becoming technically ‘far superior’: Union Minister Nirmala Sitharaman

Telugu film BAHUBALI has surely placed South Indian films ahead of the popular Bollywood films by breaking all box office records by registering a whopping Rs 598 crore in its global 56-day run.

And if the box office collection is not enough to certify its dominance over their North Indian counterparts, the movie has found rave admirations at the prestigious Global Skills Summit 2015 held in New Delhi, where Union Commerce and Industry Minister Nirmala Sitharaman cited the movie’s example terming the South Indian films becoming technically ‘far superior’ than most of the movies being made in north India. 

Speaking at the Global Skills Summit that focused on development of skills and had its theme as ‘Skill India, Build India’ she said, “I am not a film buff but after watching BAAHUBALI, I think the technical quality of the south Indian films are becoming far superior to many other films I have seen in the north.”

She added, “The technical specialization of BAAHUBALI and its mindboggling special effects have been compared to the likes of Hollywood chart busters '300'. This speaks volumes about the technical knowledge and diverse skills of the south Indian film industry. Truly the South film industry does intense work and takes risks which require a lot of grilling with people.”

Applauding Global Skills Summit for aptly selecting South Super star Kamal Hassan, as Chairman of Media and Entertainment Skills Council (MESC), she said, “I am glad to see that you have selected Mr. Kamal Hassan as the role model for the event because he himself is ‘Skills Personified’, who has acquired skills and excelled in his own field struggling as a child actor to becoming an International Icon.”

On the occasion Kamal Haasan in his spellbinding speech took the audience through his motivational and emotional journey how he rose from a child star to Superstar of Indian Cinema.