Did Sex Bomb Silk Smitha contempt the legendary actor and Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, M.G. Ramchandran?

South actress Silk Smitha was a renowned vamp, seductress and the lady, who dared to bare! She ruled the 80’s with glamour and was a craze among film goers in South India. With SADMA, she became familiar to Hindi audiences. September 23 marks her birthday; Raaga.Com remembers the Sex Bomb and clarifies an infamous misconception about the sizzling actress. 

In an interview to a renowned national magazine Silk Smitha was asked few harsh questions which targeted her haughty, unsocial and arrogant attitude, however the actress gave the answers so as to clear the misconceptions spread by few scandalous film magazines.

On being quizzed about the infamous episode when she dared to contempt the legendary actor and much admired Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, M.G. Ramchandran by ignoring his invitation and boycotted a public function, she said, “Yes it is true I did not attend the function and the media had a great time fabricating stories against me.” 

Explaining the reason for not attending the function she said, “An invitation by our honorable Chief Minister M.G. Ramchandran sir was an event that I could not even dream to boycott.”

She informed, “As I prepared with enthusiasm and was eager to attend the function I was suddenly broken down by a phone call.”

“My film producer called me and asked me to cancel all my assignments for the day and report for shooting urgently as the film’s hero, superstar Chiranjeevi, was leaving abroad the same evening. All my aspirations to attend the Chief Minister’s function were dazed and I was compelled to skip Shri M.G.R’s sir public event and rush for the film’s shooting,” she lamented.