After C-Grade filmmaker Kanti Shah; A-Grade filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar eyeing on Sheena murder case!

The ‘infamous’ Sheena murder case has literally become quite ‘famous’ plot for Indian film industry. The mad rush to cash-on the intriguing murder mystery is such that from A-Grade filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt to C-Grade filmmaker Kanti Shah are making movie on the Sheena murder case! 

In fact even the theatre world has been captivated with the subject and a play is also being made on the subject. 

According to reports a theatre production company owned by Mukesh Verma will be staging a play called INDRANI, AB DEKH BHI LO, at Lucknow in October. Verma informed that his play will uncover the changing relationships in families. It will be in the form of a debate happening in a jail between Sheena Bora's spirit and her mother, Indrani. 

Verma, said, “After staging it in Lucknow, we will be taking the play to Mumbai in December.”

Readers may be aware that few days back B-Grade Rakhi Sawant had announced her film EK KAHAANI JULIE KI based on Indrani Mukerjea's life, with the sex bomb, herself playing the protagonist Indrani Mukerjea. 

After her announcement another C-Grade filmmaker called Kanti Shah, known for making soft porn films like GARAM, FREE ENTRY, PYAASI BHOOTNI, PYAASA HAIWAN, FAUJI FAUJ MEIN PADOSI MAUJ MEIN etc. has announced his film titled, SHEENA MURDER CASE. 

Kanti Shah notorious for bold and sexy scenes has told in advance that his film will be a typical Kanti Shah film that will include sex, frontal nudity and everything that could titillate the audience 

What’s more even A-Grade filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar, known for making hard hitting movies dealing with real life stories like HEROINE, CHANDNI BAR, FASHION, CORPORATE PAGE 3, too seem interested in the subject. 

Madhur Bhandarkar who is currently making CALENDAR GIRLS, exposing the truth behind the life and secrets of calendar girls in press meet said, “As a filmmaker the Sheena Bora murder case definitely evokes interest. The case can become a plot for any film. However, it will be too early to say whether I am going to make a movie on the issue.” 

“Nevertheless I am keenly studying the case and have understood this case a little through news channels. During the investigation, new revelations are happening daily, which surely can build up into a thrilling film,” he quipped.