Shah Rukh Khan purchases the most ‘Expensive’ vanity van in B-Town

Badshah Khan aka Shah Rukh Khan loves to live life king-size. His imperial six-storey sea facing bungalow ‘Mannat’ in Mumbai, is an incredible abode, speaking volumes about his passion for his aristocratic living. 

To add feather in his majestic lifestyle Shah Khan has recently bought a vanity van at a staggering cost of Rs 4 crore thus becoming the only actor to have the most ‘Expensive’ vanity van in B-Town with amazing technological features that leaves one wonder stuck! 

Admeasuring 14 meters long and occupying an overall space of 280 sq.feet; the vanity van is so gigantic that it cannot be accommodated in SRK’s bungalow and has been parked outside Mannat!

Dilip Chhabria of the DC Designs, the ultimate monarch in designing vanity vans in Bollywood has confirmed that Shah Rukh Khan’s vanity van is the most expensive and trendy van in Bollywood. Mr. Chhabria said, “Shah Rukh’s vanity van out beats Sanjay Dutt’s vanity van, which till now was the most classy and expensive vehicle in B-Town.”

Speaking about the technological marvel of Shah Rukh’s vanity van, Mr. Chhabria said, “What makes the vanity van exclusive is that we have designed 4 rooms – consisting of a wardrobe section, special make-up chair, separate toilet cubicle and an in built shower. Then there is a kitchenette with provisions for tea and coffee, and is also equipped with a microwave.” 

“To provide a good amount of comfort we have added a provision to expand one room, which in turn, would increase the space by 80 sq.ft. Thus providing a net 360 sq.ft. area inside the vehicle,” he informed.

Besides being decently spacious the van boost of mind-blowing gadgets that makes one dumbfounded. According to Mr. Chhabria the van has Wi-Fi and Apple TV in all the rooms, three 4K television sets with satellite TV, and a top-notch sound system with a total output of sound that stands at 4000 Watts.

The entire vanity van has feather touch-control system from lighting system, as well as heating and cooling. Many functions inside are I-Pad controlled including curtains and illuminations. 

In nut shell SRK’s vanity van is perfect combination of flamboyance, elegance and sci-fi. Mr. Chhabria says, “We have fitted the van with all the latest gadgets and technological items which make it the ‘Only’ vanity van in India to have all these things.”