Kareena Kapoor declares to become ‘Mother’ soon!

Motherhood is the ultimate dream of ever woman. She may be an ordinary woman, a royal princess, a successful entrepreneur or an actress. In nut shell ‘Motherhood’ is a high calling for all women — whether single, married, fertile or infertile.

Hence it should not come as a surprise that ‘Glamour Queen’ Kareena Kapoor, who married actor Saif Ali Khan in 2012, has eventually opened her heart about her plans for motherhood.

Riding high thanks to the success of BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN and her upcoming film with director R. Balki, an elated Kareena Kapoor and Saif in interview to a national daily bolding spoke at length about their family planning in coming future.

Saif Ali Khan admitted that the duo is enjoying their marriage and sooner or later they may start their family. “We may soon start our family as Kareena is greedy for ‘motherhood’ but is unsure when to begin.”

Speaking about her plans for motherhood Kareena Kapoor candidly confessed, “To become a mother is on top of my mind.”

On being poked to give details, she smiled and hinted, “May be within two years time from now.”

Saif informed, “These days Kareena enjoys the company of my children Sara and Ebrahim come from my ex-wife and insists on starting our family.”

Acknowledging Saif’s remark Kareena Kapoor, admitted, “Yes I enjoy having his family and mine over for meals. I love it when Sara and Ebrahim come over. I keep calling them to come over. But they don’t visit us as often as I’d like them to. They have their own social circle. Hence I am thinking of staring my family but waiting for the right time.”