Why is Shah Rukh Khan Angry?

No Badshah Khan aka Shah Rukh Khan is not angry over Salman Khan, whose upcoming movie SULTAN will clash with his movie RAEES during Eid on 2016 because SRK is pretty confident of winning as he did when SRK’s DON and Salman Khan’s JAANEMAN clashed together in Diwali 2006. 

Well Shah Rukh Khan is angry because in his absence some of his crazy fan’s have blemished his bungalow Mannat’s walls by painting a graffitti on one of the compound walls. The graffiti reads - ‘Luv U SRK. C U on 15th.’ The message was undersigned by Gaurav.

Though the identity of the undersigned name Gaurav is still a mystery but according to some the painting on SRK’s bungalow Mannat seems to be a kind of innovative promotion of SRK’s upcoming film FAN in which Shah Rukh plays a character by the name Gaurav! The date 15th seems to be probably the release date of the film.

Interestingly the security guards at Mannat were clueless about the Graffiti and have even declined to clean the Graffiti claiming they would take action after their boss SRK issues order. Meanwhile SRK is currently in Bulgaria shooting for his movie DILWALE.

Reacting sharply to the ugly graffiti, Shah Rukh in an angry tweet wrote – "U can't leave ur house for a day without sum one messing with it!! Shocked."

In his later tweet he also lamented that how he has painstakingly built the house brick by brick and how much affection he has for his bungalow. 

Meanwhile the matter has been forwarded to Mumbai police who would probe and catch the culprit who did the stupid act.