Milind Soman celebrates his 50th birthday by winning world’s toughest ‘Ironman Triathlon’ title!

50 years is an age that is regarded universally as the beginning of dotage but Bollywood actor, model, former national level swimmer, a fitness fanatic and now an athlete, Milind Soman at the age of 50 has won ‘Ironman Triathlon Title,’ considered as world’s toughest race that examines the endurance and stamina of a man to the hilt. 

Elated at the success of winning the elusive title, Milind Soman told media, “I wanted to gift myself something special on my 50th year and I am glad I could do fulfill my mission.” 

Briefing about Triathlon Race, Milind Soman informed, “Triathlon Race is organized by World Triathalon Corporation and the reason why it is regarded as ‘Toughest Race’ is because it has to be completed within 16 hours and the participant has to perform three different categories of races that includes a 3.8-km swim, 180.2-km cycle ride and 42.2-km run.”

“All these races are to be performed non-stop without rest or any break thus testing the real strength and potency of the participants,” he added. 

Held in Zurich in Switzerland on July 19, Milind Soman completed the astonishing feat in 15 hours and 19 minutes. 

Milind Soman’s triumph is thus a real inspiration for not just for the youths but even the middle aged, who get fatigued by just the office routine work.

Stimulating all Indians to keep fit and healthy Milind Soman said, “It is not ‘impossible’ to achieve the feat at 50 because if one monitors his body sufficiently at every stage in terms of nutrition and pace then it is easy to accomplish a ‘dream’ body.”

However Milind Soman informs that to realize his dream of winning the ‘Ironman Triathlon Title’ he had to follow a really rigorous fitness schedule and nutritious diet. 

He said, “I prepared really hard and started my training for ‘Mission Ironman Zurich’ three months in advance. I began my rigorous training from April 15 with utter dedication and commitment but I am happy, my efforts paid and I achieved my dream.”